Extended Team

Growing organization across the globe always feel the need to scale up their IT team. Additional resources are required to carry out development activities, support existing system or for testing of applications developed in house. But organizations have to face multiple challenges in scaling up the team; be it finding right resources or administrative hassles or even office space and other infrastructural things. To overcome these challenges organizations have been outsourcing their projects to IT services companies. However, inherent drawbacks in such an approach are:

To overcome above mentioned drawbacks, we propose another approach called Extended Team. Our Extended Team model will allow the client to build offshore team as per its choice without having to bother about infrastructure and administrative matters. Extended Team model will provide direct access to project management team of the client to the resources at our premises. Extended Team model works in following manner:

Sourcing & Placement of Resources
  • Eagle Infotek scouts for talent as per JD provided by the client
  • Eagle Infotek coordinates with the client in selection process and enables client in selecting right candidates for the job
Taking Selected Candidates On Board
  • Induct selected candidates and provide them initial orientation
  • Complete statutory formalities as per our company policy, policy of client as well as government regulations
Facility to Selected Candidates
  • Provide decent workspace and enviornment to selected candidates
  • Provide laptops, data connectivity and any other facility required for smooth working to candidates for working in office during office hours (as per Indian office timimhg)
  • Data connectivity & telecommunication options to work and communicate during US working hours
Other Professional Support
  • Provide any support to the client as well as candidate that is incidental to professional perfromance of both
  • Provide enviornment that motivates employees to perform
  • Single point of contact will be provided to the client
  • Escalation path for any issue that remains unresolved by primary contact will be provided.
Project Management
  • Project Management is the responsibility of the client. While the project manager operates out of client's premises, resources operate from our premises and on our payroll.
  • Resources directly report to client organisation

Benefits of Extended Team Model:

Lean project management team reducing the cost while increasing the speed of activity

No need to invest in office infrastructure

As the resources are on our payroll, overheads related to HRM are eliminated

Statutory requirements related to employees is not applicable since resources are not on client’s payroll

We are based in Bangalore giving us access to large pool of resources from which client can select resources meeting his requirements

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