Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is among the top five technologies that organization worldwide are adopting. For the sheer scalability and opportunities it provides, Cloud model is finding favours among organizations of all sizes. However, different organizations face different challenges as they migrate or move a fresh to Cloud. That is where our team of capable Engineers and Developers can assist an organization that is incorporating Cloud.

Cloud Computing Services

Our cloud Computing services are tailor made to assist each organization the way it needs in its journey to adopt Cloud. Our team can provide any or all of the following services:

Cloud Computing has multiple approaches and different technical aspects. As organizations make their move towards Cloud Computing they face with challenging questions as to which way and how they should progress. Experience of our professionals can be utilized in such situations. Our experts will study your requirements, analyse different approaches and suggest you the optimum approach you should follow.
Whether it is your existing application which has to be ported on Cloud or an application to be developed on Cloud, we are there to take it up. Our experienced developers have designed an architecture which is described below.
Our team can support you once you have moved to Cloud. We can assist you in Change Management, Optimizing and continuosly supporting application on cloud.

Our Software as Service (SaaS) Architecture

As part of our cloud computing strategy, our offer is to Architecting, Designing and development of software as a service (SaaS) applications. To prepare for broader SaaS adoption, we designed a SaaS architecture that will enable us to shift to a more strategic view and facilitate faster, more standardized implementations.

To create our architecture, we analyzed SaaS industry trends and gather best known methods and architectural techniques. We then extended existing enterprise application frameworks and architecture to create the elements that comprise the SaaS architecture, including:

  • A use-case model based on a required scenario.
  • A conceptual architecture that provides a long-term view of all the components required in a complete SaaS implementation.
  • A reference architecture providing a proven template solution that Eagle Infotek SaaS project teams can immediately apply to specific implementation projects.
  • SaaS based Enterprise application development.

Cloud based Software that we have developed:

Ezeecondo: It is an application for property management, facilities management and trading of properties.

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